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Great game

It has overall a fun game and entertainment for hours

Still Awesome!!

Fun too play, Throw back game like paceman you play it once and you always want play it again! Thank You

iPad Pro 10.5 No Music

Really loved this game from back when I was in high school on my iPod touch second gen. I remember maxing out the multiplier and playing so much. The music is wonderful. The visuals are pleasing. A truly classic iOS game with some nice extensions/updates since the original game mode.

Best Game Ever

Tiny Wings is hands down the best mobile game ever made! I literally spent over $800 to switch back to an iPhone just to get this game. Tiny Wings for life!

Worth the Money 👌

I didn’t mind spending 99 cents on this game I thought it was a decent price when I first bought it but now I’d spend more if I had too. The game is extremely fun and addicting. Aside from other games the controls run smoothly and easy. I love the backgrounds and the diverse patterns of the hills. It’s relaxing and can be frustrating at times (depends how good you are) but overall a fun distraction! Not to mention a fun throwback game.


I love nesting up

Why you make no more games?

Is beautiful. I wish you make more.

Still great 2018


My favorite mobile game of all time.

Fun game with nostalgic music.


My mom got this for my first-generation iPod was I was seven years old, and I LOVED this game. I got to island ten once or twice when I was eight, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to match that. Now I’m back to occasionally hitting islands eight and nine, but I haven’t gotten back to ten yet! I still remember how all the islands (up to eight) are laid out, so it’s even easier for me to play this. When I was seven, I got through the level in which you had to pass through island four in fever mode; it’s not really that hard (you just have to know how the land is laid out). I remember the racing mode, but I’ve never really cared all that much about it. Now I’m fourteen, and I still love to play this on my phone. The game is not glitchy at all, and it never has been. It’s such a beautifully simple game. The colors are amazing, the gameplay is awesome and the nostalgia is MAJOR. Now that I’m a sophomore, looking back at my second-grade self playing this game, I get odd sensations (especially if I’m playing 2008 Taylor Swift or Cyndi Lauper in the background 😂). It really makes me feel warm and safe. As I’ve already said, I’ve loved this game since I was a little girl, and it’s still as great as ever. It’s a classic! Thank you for so much fun over the years! (Ignore your negative reviews, because they’re mostly misspelled. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about 🙄😏😆)

No music, no sound

Idk what happened, just downloaded again after a few years and can not get sound or music in the app. Otherwise happy with it.

Brings back memories

I’m now 13 years old, but when I was around 7-8 my mother downloaded this game for me. Of course I didn’t really get it, and just though the bright colors were cool. We ended up deleting it, simply because of my short attention span as a little kid. I recently downloaded it again, and was surprised at how smooth the gameplay was. One tap controls make the game nice and simple, while rolling hills make you feel warm and fuzzy, almost. I highly recommend this game! Also... I’ve read a lot of reviews about the objective ‘reach island 4 in fever mode’ being too hard. I finished it in one try. The objective is to simply be in fever mode (starts with a perfect slide) while transferring to island 4. Not being in fever mode nonstop on islands 1-4. Additionally: these aren’t fake reviews, like people are saying! SOME people just don’t understand the simple beauty of the game!

Never leave us

The fact that the developer still supports this game is one of the most underrated occurrences on the App Store. Thank you for maintaining this game, thank you for the satisfying simplicity coupled with soothing sounds and calming colors.

Literally Impossible

The last island in “tuna islands” is actually impossible to win the top fish in. You are ahead of all the others until the last second and it pushes you backwards and lets the pink bird win. It makes the game very frustrating and i have no motive to continue playing because i have played the island at least 50 times with no success

Tiny Wings review 💛

Tiny wings is an addicting and fun game you get to fly and race and travel to all different islands. But when it comes to the races it’s not always fun because your running against COMPUTERS. The odds are not in your favor. There is no luck it’s you racing against computers. So yes I love this game I’m addicted to it because it’s so fun and you want to win the race so you go over and over again, but eventually it gets so frustrating because you just can’t win and if you don’t get a fish you can’t move on to the next island, and if you can’t do that you can’t keep moving on with the game. So please unless you want to get frustrated ALOT don’t get this game. I’m sorry tiny wings but it’s just to much. Tiny wings creator if your seeing this improve your game by making the people be able to move on even if they don’t get a fish do something to make them be able to move on. Thank you in advance, love your game but it gets frustrating.


This game calms me down, it even makes me want to cry tears of happiness at times. The music is beautiful and the gameplay is amazing too. The challenges are fun and challenging, and the game overall is a great experience.

Multiplayer on iPhone 7+/8+

Great game all around, but is there any way to add split screen play like on the iPad to the plus versions?

Love it

This game is always a part of my core applications on every phone I’ve owned. Love the simplicity

I remember playing this when I was 4

It was (and still is) one my favorite games. I’m surprised it’s still available today! Overall 10/10

Awesome game!!!

This game is a fun game when your bored! i just never get tired of it. it is the perfect game to just sit and relax and play with! i recomnd this app to anyone!!

I love this game so, so much!!

I’ve been playing this game since before I can remember, on 3 different phones. It’s always been super fun and interesting, and I can play it over and over again and not get bored, because every day the hills are different. The music is super relaxing and fun, and I just overall love this game. + you can play off WiFi!

My favorite mobile game of all time

This game first came into my life about 8 years ago. It wasn’t until a year ago when I got an Apple device again that I was able to play it for the longest time. This is just an amazing addicting soothing game. It’s a very simple game and I use it when I am stressed out as well as just whenever I feel like it. Once again, one of my favorite apps of all time.


Been playing for 7 years and still a favorite! Just waiting on those remaining islands haha!!!

My childhood <3

I remember when I was 6 or 5 I used to play this game constantly and play and play and play until 3rd grade then a few years pass then I’m in middle school and I found this app again! Wow, the memories 💕

Super Addicting

I play this game literally everyday! Even though it may be a little stressful on some levels it’s an amazing app! I do play some games that are really alike this app is definitely my favorite, ;D

Fourth Island

I can’t get past the fourth island in fever mode :(


I love this game. It is a great way to kill time and is extremely fun and addicting. There is the option to play with one bird trying to beat your high-score, or race against other birds trying to get first place! Although the game costs money, it it’s totally worth the buy. My friends and I constantly play the game and compete who has the highest score. I do have a few suggestions that I hope the app could include. One being a way to race your friends by playing together online. Another being a way to change your bird by unlocking costumes. These ideas will make the game more interesting and addicting to play. Overall, it is a great app that never gets boring or old as I have had it downloaded for years nows.

An instant classic game from iOS

Remember well when this game was featured in a Apple Keynote way back in the first years of the App Store starting to thrive with games. The art style really atracted me, and gameplay, promising. Got an iPhone a couple years later and saw why many websites were amazed with the game. The gameplay is very arcade style in you can keep going by skill and rack up points, but unlike many arcade games, its a very relaxing game. The art style has such a happy, feel good, type of setting that gors well with the music and playful physics of jump-sliding through hills. Each hill area also feels like it was random generated, and keeps a feel of variety. Definitely a great example of simple phone controls with depth in gameplay, plus replay value. The race addition mode of playing the chicks to be the first to mama bird is also genius in reusing some assets with new ones, without feeling cheap. I am glad this is still in the app store and will be superior to any other flappy bird ever. Download this instead.

A new island

When is the next island in Flight School gonna come out?

Tiny Wings is great

Best game on the App Store


This is a solid game on mobile. I'm a PC and console gamer and I love this game. Worth every penny.

Zoey loves this game

I love this game it is so fun with no ads and the birds are so cute I would recommend this game to everyone

More modes would be awesome

Loved this game ever since it came out but I've always wanted more options to play. An arcade mode with fun power ups would be cool and a zen mode so you can fly as long as you want would also be a welcome addition.


This game is by far the hardest game I have ever played. The ads are ridiculous, the AI birds always win, and controlling the bird is hard! All in all, this app is ridiculously harder than it has to be.


This is the perfect IPhone game. Simple controls. Soothing music. Never a glitch. The objectives keep the games replay value. Just an outstanding game.

Best app!

I love this app so much, I always have fun with it!

2018 anyone

This game is the best I remember it five years ago. Thx for the update

Love This Game

Been playing this since 2011. Re-downloaded it not too long ago, and it's still fun.

Totally worth it !!!!!!!

I love this game so much, don't be afraid about the cost. It's all worth it. there are no bugs. And you don't need Wi-Fi to play with a friend.❤️❤️❤️

The bessst

Gy gbband but g

Please update!

On iPhone 8 I can’t play this game anymore. Sometimes during the game when I touch the screen to make the bird go down it remains up in the air and really messes up the game. Can this be fixed please?

The Eternal Game

Probably the only game I’ve spent more time playing after I’ve “beaten it” than I did in the process of finishing all the little tasks. My phone is full of games I lost interest in, and there’s plenty more I’ve deleted, but I’ll never stop playing Tiny Wings ❤️

Design your bird

This game is the best but it would be better if you could design your bird with the coins

A Classic and Favorite of Mine

I bought this game years ago back when the 3GS was still relevant and I’m happy to say that age has done nothing, if not helped, to Tiny Wings, and a message to Illiger, keep up the patching and updates, out all of the developers to make games, I’m confident in saying that you’re one of the most devoted out there!

Best game on the App Store!

Been playing this since middle school, and I'm a sophomore in college now! It's endless fun with beautiful graphics and fun music. Good game to play when you're bored and passing time. I'd love to see new features added as I've already mastered the race challenges!

Tiny Wings

I've been playing this game for at least six years now, on an iPod Touch, an iPad, and several iPhones. It's simply great, and it brings me even better memories and happiness. Thanks dev.

Addictive delight

I’ve been hooked on this game since it first came out, and have been eagerly awaiting the new islands for months now. The game is relaxing, sometimes challenging, but ultimately adorable because the animation and the colors flow beautifully together. However, trying to pass the level which requires flying through island 4 in fever mode is next to impossible. I swear I’ve been stuck on that level for years. So if you have any tips, please, please let me know. Otherwise, I love this game. But more levels would be appreciated.

App Store Classic

I got this game when it first came out, and it has moved with me when I upgraded devices. Simple controls, simple concept, and has the “one more game” feel. In short, the perfect iPhone game.

Island 4

Almost impossible to stay in fever mode all of island 4. Now I can’t really play to advance.

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